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Sen. Angus King Says There's Not Sufficient Evidence For Impeachment Inquiry

Maine independent Sen. Angus King is calling impeachment “a last resort” in the ongoing investigations into President Donald Trump's alleged conduct around the 2016 election.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine is seeking volunteers to help mediate complaints from consumers.

For public school teacher Kaitlyn McCollum, even simple acts like washing dishes or taking a shower can fill her with dread.

"It will just hit me like a ton of bricks," McCollum says. " 'Oh my God, I owe all of that money.' And it's, like, a knee-buckling moment of panic all over again."

She and her family recently moved to a much smaller, older house. One big reason for the downsizing: a $24,000 loan that McCollum has been unfairly saddled with because of a paperwork debacle at the U.S. Department of Education.

Elder Bushes Are Gone But Family's Maine Retreat To Stay Alive

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KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — "Poppy" and "Bar" are gone, but the passing of George H. W. and Barbara Bush won't mean an end to children's laughter, splashing in the pool, barking dogs or clinking horseshoes at the family's property on the Maine coast.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The board that controls land preservation grants in Maine is asking for proposals that would help protect working waterfront areas of the state.

It's Friday and time once again for Maine's Political Pulse, with Maine Public's political team, Steve Mistler and Mal Leary.  This week, Gov. Paul LePage picks an unusual time to schedule surgery, Maine's new Senate President revises the chamber's seating chart, and the most experienced candidates for attorney general are rejected behind closed doors. Filling in for host Irwin Gratz is Maine Public's deputy news director, Susan Sharon.

At a major climate meeting in Poland, nearly 200 countries are trying to reach a deal on dramatically reducing carbon emissions. But a recent U.N. report found that may not be enough to avoid dangerous impacts from the warming climate. In fact, the world is falling so far short of what's needed, it said, that it may be necessary to pull massive amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air.

Angela Lautner knew her thirst was unusual, even for someone directing airplanes, outside in the Memphis summer heat.

"We had coolers of Gatorade and water for people to always have access to," Lautner remembers of her job as a ground services agent. "But the amount of thirst that I felt was just incredible."

She had no appetite and she lost an unusual amount of weight. Then after a trip to the emergency room, Lautner, who was 22, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The diagnosis was life changing.

A long simmering debate over Skowhegan High School's use of an ‘Indian’ mascot is once again headed for a showdown.

Maine is reviewing an application to build a new wind farm in a proposal that critics warned could kill birds and bats.

The Maine Department of Education says it has received a five-year grant of nearly $3 million from the federal government to help with emergency management plans.



Women in the Legislature

Monday—A record number of women have been elected to serve as Maine lawmakers. We'll hear from new and experienced female legislators about their priorities and expectations.