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In Lewiston-Auburn, Dollar Stores a Dime a Dozen

May 13, 2014
Tom Porter / MPBN

The Lewiston-Auburn area is poised for a mini retail boom - of sorts. Two major discount "dollar store" chains are targeting the Twin Cities for major development in the near future - a move that some industry observers find interesting, given that hundreds of dollar stores are closing elsewhere in the country.

Heavy equipment prepares the ground for the construction of an 8,300-square-foot Family Dollar store on Sabbatus Street, about two-and-a-half miles from downtown Lewiston. 

Jay Field / MPBN

Some disappointing news came today for the deep water wind project known as Aqua Ventus. That's the pilot project led by a University of Maine development team. Aqua Ventus was competing for federal development money. But, as Jennifer Mitchell reports, the project was not selected for full funding. So now, its fate is less certain. Meanwhile, environmental advocates are still lamenting a decision they say chased away another wind developer.

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a statement clarifying its position on proposed federal rule that had concerned brewers and farmers in Maine and across the country. However, whether that statement is a "clarification" or a "climb-down" depends on who you talk to. The issue revolves around "spent grains," a by-product of the brewing process that many farmers - including some in Maine - rely on. Tom Porter has more.

Fair Housing in Maine

Apr 23, 2014
A house for rent.
File/stock image / A house for rent.

What do renters and landlords need to know? Learn about fair housing laws, your rights as a renter, and what reasonable accommodations landlords are sometimes required to make. Learn about fair housing issues affecting veterans and people with disabilities.


  • Amy M. Sneirson, Executive Director, Maine Human Rights Commission
  • Patricia Ender, Pine Tree Legal
  • Brit Vitalius, on behalf of the Maine Real Estate and Development Association (MEREDA)

 We've all witnessed the ongoing saga of the slow decline of Maine's dairy industry as measured by the number of family farms, and some processors. So where are we headed? One of the region's largest operations, Oakhurst dairy, has been sold to a national farmer-owned co-op. Maine Farmers who lost their contracts with processors decided to team up and create their own company called Moo Milk, that's putting Maine product on store shelves.

Host Keith Shortall discussed the future of dairy farming in Maine with:

Bill Eldridge, CEO of MOO Milk

Court documents in an old tax dispute indicate that the owners of a pipeline that crosses Maine - and could be used to transport tar sands oil - is several years past its retirement date.

The National Wildlife Federation has uncovered court documents from an old tax dispute that it says show yet another reason why any plan by the Exxon-owned Portland Pipe Line Corp. to transport tar sands oil through the pipeline that runs across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont is risky. Jim Murphy is senior counsel for the National Wildlife Federation's northeast regional center.

  Jamie and John are back to talk cars, car repairs and the latest news from the auto industry.

Host Jennifer Rooks will be joined by 

Jamie Page Deaton, US News and World Report Automotive Editor 

John Paul, master technician and public affairs manager AAA Southern New England

  Charlie Colgan, Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine, recently delivered his 2014 economic forecast for Maine.

Economic Preview for Maine in 2014 Edit | Remove

  Some economists predict the country is on the cusp of an economic breakout this year. Others remain skeptical. What can be done to accelerate growth? And what are the roadblocks to a possible economic upturn?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Charles Colgan, USM 

Amada Rector, Maine State Economist 

  Jamie and John are back to talk cars, car repairs and the latest news from the auto industry.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Jamie Page Deaton, US News and World Report Automotive Editor 

John Paul, AAA Southern New England Car Doctor 

Computer Guys Tips for Black Friday Edit | Remove

  The computer guys return to answer your high-tech questions and to share insights into the computer/tablet/tech deals to look for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Jared Maxfield, owner of Necessary Technology 

Andrew Rosenstein, founder of Techport

  What steps should be taken now to get ready for retirement and to ensure financial security later in life.

Host Jennifer Rooks will be joined by 

Matthew R. Dubois, Esq., Vogel & Dubois

Janet E. Cobb, MBA | Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 

Kerry Peabody, CSA, CLTC, Long Term Care, Life & Disability Insurance Agent 


Nov 5, 2013

  As the holiday season fast approaches, a guide to good giving and teaching the young to give wisely.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Laura Young, Vice President, Philanthropy at the Maine Community Foundation 

Barbara Edmond, Maine Philanthropy Center 

Lori Roming, Research & Program Officer at Unity Foundation

Cars with Jamie and John

Oct 8, 2013

  Our automotive experts returned to answer all of your car buying/fixing questions.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Jamie Page Deaton, USNews and World Reports Automotive Editor 

John Paul, public affairs manager for AAA Southern New England

Manufacturing, Education and High Paying Jobs

Oct 3, 2013

  Getting the right education for high tech, high paying jobs in Maine. What skills are needed to fill the gap in our state's manufacuturing sector. Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by: 

Lisa G. Martin, Executive Director, The Manufacturers Association of Maine 

Nicholas D'Antonio, Program Manager, Dream It. Do It., The Manufacturing Institute 

Frank Sherburne/Superintendent, Bonny Eagle Schools, MSAD #6 sector.