Activists Urge Maine Lawmakers To Reject Trump’s Tax Plan

Nov 9, 2017

Labor activists rallied Thursday in front of Bank of America in Downtown Portland to urge Maine’s local and state leaders to oppose the Republican tax plan.

Supporters of President Donald Trump’s tax cut proposal say it would benefit the middle class. But rally organizers, including Douglas Born of the Southern Maine Labor Council, say the proposed tax cuts heavily favor the top 1 percent.

“Given the circumstances in this country today, the last thing we need is more tax cuts for the uberwealthy. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. It never has and this is what they’re trying to feed us again. It’s just wrong and it’s just gonna be on the backs of the working men and women of America. It’s not fair,” he said.

Born was joined by about ten other activists, including Adam Goode of the Maine AFL-CIO, who explained why the group gathered in front of Bank of America.

“Well I think it’s a symbol of the fact that the economy is rigged, and that there are very powerful, very privileged people that can take advantage of tax schemes that help them hide their money and let them play by a different set of rules than working people,” he says.

For Marie Follayttar Smith, who heads Mainers for Accountable Leadership, the process is also part of the problem.

“This bill was crafted behind closed doors. This bill has not been as bipartisan as it could be,” she says.

GOP Senate leaders Thursday unveiled their version the tax plan, which varies from the one set forth by the House. But both are based on the tax policy the Trump administration released in late September.

The House and the Senate will now have to agree on one bill — possibly the largest tax overhaul in decades — by Christmas.