Airbnb Says It Has Handed Over $5.3 Million In Maine Taxes

Jun 4, 2018

Airbnb, a San Franciso-based global travel organization, announced Monday that it has remitted $5.3 million in taxes on behalf of Maine’s host community since its tax agreement with the state went into effect a year ago.

Andrew Kalloch, a public policy manager for Airbnb, said the company’s tax collection program offers a seamless process for individuals and families who share their home to make ends meet while providing a valuable source of revenue to the state.

“I think that what we’re seeing is the continued growth and excitement for home sharing really throughout the state,” Kalloch said. “Portland’s our No. 1 market, that’s not a surprise, but we’re seeing people open their homes to guests up and down the shore and throughout the state, really.”

According to Airbnb, 4,500 hosts across Maine who welcomed 284,500 guests in 2017.