Average Price For Gasoline Falls In Maine

Feb 19, 2018

Gas is about six cents cheaper this week than last week in Maine, with an average price of $2.55 a gallon. But Gas Buddy analyst Patrick DeHaan says it depends where you're looking,

Across Maine, if you're shopping around, some of the cheapest prices - there's some stations in the $2.40s, but if you're not shopping around you may spend quite a bit more - up to 30 cents a gallon more - on the highest end with some stations as much as the $2.70s."

DeHaan says the prices are largely due to a drop in the price of oil over the last couple weeks - and are likely to start rising again soon.

Meanwhile, GasBuddy says the average gas price nationally has fallen five-and-a-half cents per gallon in the past week, to $2.51 per gallon. Prices Sunday in Maine were 22.9 cents per gallon higher than the same day a year ago.