Commonwealth Club Of California

Wednesday, January 9 at 2:00 pm

Women In The Workplace In 2018

Women, especially women of color, are underrepresented in business—from entry-level to the corner office, across corporate America—even as the number of women earning college degrees exceeds the number of men. As companies, leaders and those focused on diversity press ahead to make change, it’s become key to reflect on both data and stories to help define the problem and iterate on solutions.

"Women in the Workplace," an annual report conducted by and McKinsey on the state of women in corporate America, draws from more than 250 companies that together employ 13 million people. The report shares insights into the challenges women face across many industries and sectors and identifies concrete actions that companies can take to make lasting and significant change. Join co-author, Alexis Krivkovich, managing partner of McKinsey & Company’s Silicon Valley office and a leader in the Financial Services Practice, along with other corporate and cultural leaders, as they discuss the results of the report and how companies can evolve to reflect the times. 


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
President, StubHub; Founder, theBoardlist

Alexis Krivkovich
Partner, Financial Services Practice; Managing Director, McKinsey & Company, Silicon Valley Office

Sarah Lacy
CEO and Founder, Chairman Mom—Moderator

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