Doc Martin Frown Contest

Doc Martin Returns to Maine Public Television on Tuesday, January 3 at 9:00 pm!

The long-awaited Season 8 of Doc Martin is almost here and Maine Public wants to celebrate in a very Doc sort of way!

Send a photo of your BEST Martin Clunes frown to us at and our team of talented lip-readers will give your photo a grumpy rating from 1 to 10 with a 10 being Doc Martin at his most prickly. The top three Doc grimaces will win Doc Martin prize packs with the grumpiest submission winning the ultimate Doc DVD prize: Doc Martin DVDs for Season 1 through Season 8!

Get grumpy and good luck!

Robin McCarthy of Maine Public Membership Team sports a frown worthy of an 8 Grumpy Rating.

Head of Membership Curt Chadbourne hits it out of the park with a Grumpy Rating of a 10.
Rich Tozier delivers a command Doc Martin frown performance! Grumpy Rating 10.

Doc Martin Frown Submissions:

Joann: Grumpy Rating 9.2
Joseph: Grumpy Rating 9.5

Karen: Grumpy Rating 9.5

Reggie: Grumpy Rating 10!

Marge: Grumpy Rating 8

Nathaniel: Grumpy Rating 9.2
Amy: Grumpy Factor 9.6
Deborah: Grumpy Rating 8.5
Rob: Grumpy Rating 8.5
Daniel: Grumpy Rating 10

Allison: Grumpy Rating 9

Corinne: Grumpy Rating 10

Janet: Grumpy Rating 10
Another grumpy doctor: Grumpy Rating 8.3
Tom and Caleigh: Grumpy Rating: 9.7s
Alan: Grumpy Rating 9

Eric: Grumpy Rating 8.7