Forecasters: Maine To Get Relief From Bitter Cold

Jan 8, 2018

Shivering Mainers will get a reprieve this week from the extreme cold that's gripped the region for days.

And Michael Cempa of the National Weather Service in Gray says the thaw coming Tuesday won't produce the kind of flooding that hit coastal areas during last week's storm.

"The flooding that came the day we had the blizzard last Thursday - that was coastal flooding due to the tides and the ocean, and not so much anything to do with snow or rainfall or melt," Cempa says.

Cempa says any thaw will have some effects, but he says the kind of storm surge that hit coastal areas last week was due to wind, not snow.

"Rivers are coming up," he says, "but I think other than the possibility of some ice jams or something like that on some rivers, we're not looking at any widespread flooding or any threat of that at this point."

Storm surges come when strong ocean winds push water onto shore.