George Smith

Jan 12, 2018


Well-known Maine outdoorsman George Smith recently announced he has been diagnosed with ALS.  George joins us to discuss the diagnosis and how it has – and hasn’t – changed his life.  Also joining the conversation is the doctor who diagnosed George.

Guests: George Smith is a full-time writer, he writes about hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, current events and issues, book reviews, and travel, and has been honored with awards from the Maine Press Association. He was the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for 18 years. He writes monthly columns for The Maine Sportsman magazine (for more than 30 years), a weekly editorial-page column for central Maine’s two daily newspapers (for 25 years), and a travel column that he and Linda write for central Maine's two daily newspapers (for five years). He is the author of A Life Lived Outdoors.

Nell Davies, Care Services Coordinator with the ALS Northern New England Chapter