Gov. LePage Says He Doesn't Endorse Any Candidate in Governor's Race

Jan 30, 2018

Gov. Paul LePage told Maine Calling that he has no plans to endorse any of the candidates vying to replace him when his term expires next year.

LePage was asked by the Maine Public call-in program host Jennifer Rooks if he will back Republican candidate Shawn Moody. Lauren LePage, the governor's daughter, is working for Moody's campaign, as are former members of LePage's campaigns, including his top political advisor.

"I'm not endorsing Shawn Moody or any of the candidates,” said LePage. “I can tell you who I'm not going to endorse ... I'm not going to endorse any Democrat that I've seen so far, or President Mike Thibodeau.”

State Senate President Mike Thibodeau is a Republican. The governor's swipe at him is the latest in a long history of conflict between the two GOP leaders. The feud with Thibodeau began in 2015 when a political organization closely aligned with LePage flooded Thibodeau's district with robocalls which criticized him for negotiating with the Democratic controlled House to create the state's two-year budget.