Grandfather Of Student Concerned About Net Neutrality Calls LePage’s Note 'Disrespectful And Rude'

Jan 3, 2018

The grandfather of a Camden high school student says Maine Gov. Paul LePage was rude in his response to her letter expressing concern about the repeal of net neutrality rules.

Hope Osgood, 16, wrote to LePage saying she’s worried that allowing internet providers to slow down or speed up certain websites would affect her schoolwork.

LePage responded with a handwritten message scrawled across Osgood’s note, suggesting that she “pick up a book.”

“He just wrote in handwriting, get a book and read it. You know, I just thought that was just plain disrespectful and rude,” says Rick Osgood, Hope’s grandfather.

He says the note was just signed, “Governor.”

Osgood says he voted for LePage twice, but won’t do so if he runs for the U.S. Senate.