King Questions Trump's Energy Department Nominee On Climate Change

Dec 5, 2017

Maine U.S. Sen. Angus King peppered President Trump's nominee to head up the Energy Information Administration, which provides the data for developing policies, including climate change policy.

King questioned Linda Capuano on whether she has taken a position on climate change.

“So no one in the process said, 'What are your views on climate change?' " King asked. "Or I think you said maybe they did, but you would have said 'I have no opinion.' Seriously?”

King says the job is a crucial one because the agency provides the data that lawmakers and the Trump administration use to write policy.

Capuano told King she has not discussed her personal views with anyone on climate change, including those that interviewed her for the job.

King 2 “ So your testimony is that you have not entered this debate, at all?  No you, my ah, I have avoided this, you know as I say…You’re avoiding telling me, but my question is have you told anyone else in order to gain this…I have not told my position on climate change in order to gain the appointment.”