‘The Least We Can Do’ Measure To Keep Siblings Together While In Federal Custody Is Approved

Jul 11, 2018

The House Appropriations Committee has unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Maine Congressperson Chellie Pingree that is aimed at keeping siblings together while in federal custody. Pingree says it’s the least Congress can do.

“Siblings are being unnecessarily separated under HHS care,” she says. “This includes children who have been forcibly separated from their parents or legal guardians and those who cross the border together but who are unaccompanied.”

Pingree says the Trump Administration policy is not clear on the issue and while she opposes families being separated, Congress should make sure siblings are kept together if the parents are sent to a different holding facility.

“I am unconditionally opposed to the President’s horrific family separation policies, but as we work to end these policies, and I hope mitigate some of the damage that we have caused, the least we can do is keep siblings together wherever possible.”