Legislative Committee Endorses Poland Spring Hydrologist For Maine's Citizen Environmental Board

Jan 24, 2018

The Legislature's Environment and Natural Resources Committee voted 10-3 Wednesday to confirm a hydrologist employed by Poland Spring to the citizen board overseeing and adjudicating environmental laws.

The majority of the committee recommended Mark Dubois' confirmation to the Board of Environmental Protection, despite concerns he will increase Poland Springs' influence on the board while furthering the company's aggressive expansion plans.

Dubois told the committee that he'll recuse himself from BEP deliberations involving Poland Springs, which is owned by the multinational corporation Nestle Waters.

"I believe firmly that would I would do the board disjustice if there was even a perception of conflict of interest in my involvement," Dubois said.

Opponents said Dubois' very appointment to the board created a conflict and deepened concerns that his employer was infiltrating local and state regulatory boards to further its interests.

The full Senate could vote to confirm Dubois as soon as Thursday.