Maine Flu Deaths Reach 55, But Number of New Cases Dropping

Feb 28, 2018

The state is reporting that another three people have died from the flu in Maine this week, bringing the season's total to 55. There is, though, some hope that the worst of flu season could be ending.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett says hospitalizations due to influenza appear to be decreasing. At the same time, health care visits for flu like-illness have not dropped.

“We fully expect to see several more weeks of influenza activity, at least,” says Bennett. “Now, whether or not we see another peak, we hope not, we hope that we are now on the downward slide.”

Bennett says the state is seeing a shift from Influenza A to Influenza B, which tends to be less severe.

There have been no pediatric flu deaths reported in Maine so far this season.