Maine Republicans Show Unified Support For Moody

Jun 19, 2018

Maine Republicans were out in Augusta Tuesday to show unified support for gubernatorial nominee Shawn Moody.

“I am so excited to be here, to be introducing our nominee for governor, and yes the republican party does have a nominee for governor for the great state of Maine,” Maine GOP Chair Demi Kouzounas told the crowd, taking a swipe at the fact that the democrats do not yet have a nominee, thanks to ranked-choice tabulations taking place now.

At the rally, Moody said that LePage and Republicans in the legislature had done good work preparing a foundation in the state.

“That's the goal of this campaign, to move Maine forward on the foundation that the republicans and Gov. Paul LePage have laid,” Moody said.

All of Moody's former rivals for the nomination spoke at the rally: Ken Fredette, Garet Mason and Mary Mayhew. Maine Senate President, and a one-time candidate, Mike Thibideau also spoke.

“I for one am incredibly impressed with Shawn Moody, and am pleased to say I support him 100 percent as many of you do,” Thibideau said. “I can't wait to watch Shawn make the case for why he should be...governor. And he's going to lead us to victory this fall.”

Moody won an absolute majority of votes in the June 12 primary. He'll face the democratic nominee and two independent candidates.

Update 2:44 p.m. Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett released a statement in response to Moody's remarks that ended : "with lagging economic growth, a raging opioid crisis, and skyrocketing childhood hunger and poverty, it’s clear that our state needs a new direction – not the same old tired LePage policies repackaged."

Additional Reporting by A.J. Higgins