Maine Urges More Hepatitis A Vaccinations Amid Uptick In Cases

Dec 11, 2017

The Maine Center for Disease control is urging Mainers at higher risk for  hepatitis A infection to get vaccinated, in light of outbreaks of the disease in several states.

Maine has had four cases of hepatitis A in the last three months and that worries CDC epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett.

“Because we have seen more in the last couple of months than we normally see, we thought now is a good time to actually increase awareness and get the message out that if you haven’t been vaccinated please do get vaccinated.”

Bennett says while reports of the disease in Maine so far this year are at near normal levels, outbreaks in other states among high risk groups raise added concern. "We know that there are several outbreaks going on around the United States in areas and among populations that are at high risk for infection. “

She says the CDC is urging vaccinations for those with other forms of hepatitis, for drug users, and for men who have sex with men.