Maine U.S. Senate Candidates Differ on Ebola Measures

Oct 17, 2014

WASHINGTON - Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic challenger Shenna Bellows differ on how the federal government should be handling the Ebola epidemic. Collins says it's time to have travel to and from countries hit hardest limited to essential personnel, like doctors and aid workers.

"It is not easy to make the travel restrictions effective because they can be evaded when a person goes to another country first. but there is no reason why you can't track the travel of individuals," Collins says.

But Bellows opposes travel restrictions. She says President Obama is taking the right approach to containing the disease. "No, I support the president's efforts to monitor the situation very carefully, and make sure that our public health system is getting the resources it needs to confront Ebola."

Bellows says Collins voted for the bill creating the sequester process that has cut funding to the National Institutes for Health. Collins says the sequester process was the Obama's administration's idea - one that failed.