Maine Wardens Searching For Bobcat That Attacked Boy

May 4, 2018

Maine Wardens say they are continuing to search for a bobcat that attacked a 17-year-old boy and his father in the Oxford County town of Stow, which sits on the New Hampshire.

The Sun Journal is reporting that they are receiving rabies shots.

Maine Warden Service Corporal John MacDonald says the next day, a woman with a couple of dogs in nearby Lovell encountered an aggressive bobcat, possibly with quills in its face, which injured one of the dogs.

“We're not sure if it's the same bobcat or not,” MacDonald says. “If you look on a map, it's two to three miles through the woods. Not unusual for a bobcat to travel that far, but you know having two incidents back-to-back when we typically don't have very many at all from year-to-year, it leads us to believe it's the same bobcat.”

MacDonald says it's unusual for bobcats to be aggressive with humans and tend to keep their distance. He says if homeowners see the bobcat they should stay away and call 911 or state public safety dispatch in Grey.