Michaud Campaign Intern Suspended After Twitter Rants

Jul 22, 2014

An unpaid intern volunteering at the Michaud for Governor campaign has been suspended after posting a collection of expletive-laden rants on his personal Twitter account.

Michaud's campaign manager, Matt McTighe, says the remarks posted by Ben Gagnon "cannot be defended and do not represent the views of the campaign." McTighe also was critical of Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen for making Gagnon the focus of a press release that alerted the media to the profane tweets.

But Sorensen said the criticism should be reserved for the Michaud campaign, charging that suspending the 21-year-old college student didn't go far enough. "Well, suspension is definitely a half-measure," he says. "These are some extremely outrageous and crude remarks that deserve a full disassociation between Michaud and this intern."

By late afternoon today, the tweets in question on Gagnon's Twitter account had been taken down.