Proposal To Increase Number Of 'Any Deer' Permits Up For Public Hearing

Jun 26, 2018

State wildlife biologists use the harvesting of female deer to manage population numbers. A proposal that would allow Maine hunters to take more does this fall in southern Maine, while decreasing the number in the north, is up for public hearing Tuesday evening in Augusta.

Biologists with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife propose increasing the number of "any deer" permits by 28 percent. Any Deer permits allow hunters to harvest deer of either sex.

“Having a properly managed deer herd benefits both the hunting and non-hunting community,” says Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife special projects coordinator Bob Cordis.

Cordis says more than $200 Million flows to the Maine economy through hunting, with almost $800 million from wildlife viewing. He says that's especially important for rural parts of the state.