Scarborough Voters Recall Three School Board Members

May 9, 2018

Scarborough voters decided yesterday, by a wide margin, to recall three school board members, following months of acrimonious dispute over later school start times, a new grading system and the controversial resignation of the high school principal, David Creech.

"There were three main issues in the school system, one being a drastic change in start time, the next being the implementation of an unproven grading system, the third being what is perceived to be the forced resignation of a popular high school principal," says Paul Johnson, one of the leaders of the recall effort.

Johnson says, ultimately, the decision to try and recall the school board members was based on a sense that the board wasn't listening to people. It's not clear whether more school board members will be elected before November.

Johnson says the turnout for the vote - about 27 percent - was strong for an election of this type, and no matter how people voted, that's encouraging.

The leaders of the group that opposed the recall didn't immediately return our call seeking comment.