Sen. Collins Discusses Measures to Address Opioid Crisis

Apr 11, 2018

Maine Senator Susan Collins talked today about bills she's co-sponsoring to address the nation's opioid crisis. At a hearing in Washington, Collins said that one measure deals with pain medications given to hospice patients after the patients have died.

"Hospice staff are not allowed to dispose of these unused medications, even after the patient has died,” she says. “So, this opens the door to diversion, to theft, to abuse."

Collins says the legislation she's cosponsoring would allow hospice staff to retrieve such leftover medications.

Collins also heard from witness Jessica Hulsey Nickel, President of the Addiction Policy Forum in Washington, who advocates for peer-to-peer recovery groups.

“Peer recovery support specialists are a key component to making sure that we provide the services that are needed for folks that are in recovery, those that need treatment.”