Sen. King Warns that Russia is Trying to Take Advantage of Democracies

Mar 8, 2018

U.S. Senator Angus King is warning fellow members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russia is trying to use the strengths of democracies to undermine them in what he calls a style of "political judo." 

“Our strength is our freedom and our First Amendment and our free press and our open society, and that’s exactly what they are using to turn it back on us and divide us,” says King.

King says the Russians have also turned to social media and other forums to influence what he calls a de-unification of Europe.

“We have had Brexit, we have had a populist election in Italy. We’ve had a very difficult election in Germany. We know they attempted to interfere in the election in France.”

He says democracies must find strategies to counter these Russian efforts.