Some Augusta Police To Get Raise Under New Union Contract

Feb 5, 2018

Some Augusta police will be getting a big raise over the next two years. Under a new union contract, some officers' pay will increase by about 20 percent during that period.

City Manager Bill Bridgeo says the unions representing patrol officers and supervisors presented evidence that Augusta police were being paid about 20 percent less than other similarly-sized departments in Maine.

Bridgeo says the new contract recognizes that, "and seeks, over a period of two years, to remedy that situation so we can continue to attract the high-quality caliber of law enforcement officers that we've been fortunate to have to date."

The raises are undercut by an increase in the amount that police will have to pay for health insurance premiums, and a change in the policy on sick leave. Fraternal Order of Police negotiator Mike Edes says, given that, the value of the increase is more like 13 to 14 percent.

Councilors approved the new contracts unanimously last week.

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