Waterville Voters To Decide Fate Of Controversial Mayor June 12

May 9, 2018

Voters in Waterville will decide June 12 whether or not to recall Republican Mayor Nick Isgro. Isgro has come under fire for a history of inflammatory social media posts- but it was an insulting tweet to a Parkland school shooting survivor that triggered critics into launching a recall petition.

The Waterville City Council set the election date at its meeting on Tuesday.

Ward 4 Councilor Sydney Mayhew is not happy over the recall. He says recalling a mayor over social media comments sets a poor precedent. The offense, he says, should be something greater to warrant such an action, "On the basis of a criminal charge - whether it be embezzlement, whether it be fraud - or a felony," he says.

But Hillary Koch, one of those leading the recall effort, says the charter doesn't limit the reasons a mayor can be ousted.  She says she hopes the successful recall petition drive sends a message.

"Any elected official doesn't stop being held accountable just because they're elected, that their behavior still matters, and it's important for citizens to be able to question behavior that they find questionable."

Isgro has questioned the validity of the recall petition effort.