Work To Replace Augusta Bridge Set To Begin This Week

Nov 6, 2017

The Maine Department of Transportation says it is moving as quickly as it can to replace a bridge over I-95 at Augusta that was damaged sometime in October. 

"You have damage to the south exterior beam, and you have damage to the north exterior beam," says MDOT spokesman Ted Talbot.

Talbot says a contractor will begin to build some temporary ramps on Tuesday, between Whitten Road and Exit 109 A.  The ramps are expected to be finished in two weeks or less, and Talbot says area traffic should expect detours. Then, Talbot says the rest of the project to replace the damaged structure will commence. 

Talbot says the department has neither a firm start date nor a complete cost assessment yet, but the department wants to replace the bridge this winter.  He says motorists bound for the area should brace for detours and delays. "This is going to be a very big project, we're going to try to lessen the impacts as best we can."

Talbot says it appears that an over-height truck traveling on I-95 likely struck the bridge and caused the damage.  He says the bridge is being monitored for safety.  The new structure, he says, will be raised by a few feet to help avoid further such strikes.