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Two top-ranking legislative leaders join us to discuss the work still left to be done and the prospects for compromise.

We speak with acclaimed biographer Patricia O’Toole about her new book and why the life and times of Wilson are particularly relevant in today’s world. (O’Toole is a Maine author – she lives in Camden.)

Guest: Patricia O’Toole is the author of five books, including When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt after the White House, and The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Maine is the place to be in the summertime. We'll learn about all of the events, festivals, recreational activities, tours, trails, getaways and quirky things to do in the region during the summer season. 

Entomophagy: The Case For Eating Insects

Jun 11, 2018
Drew Desjardins

The practice of eating bugs is quite common around the world, but still elicits skepticism — or disgust — here in our country. Yet most of us eat insects without realizing it. We’ll learn about why adding insects to our diet could be good for our health, and the health of our planet.

How does connecting with nature help children’s learning, development and well-being? And is ‘nature deficit disorder’ a problem among young people in Maine?

Arts Education: Why Does it Matter?

Jun 7, 2018

When education funds are scarce, often the first thing to go is arts education. We’ll discuss how well the arts are, or aren’t, represented in Maine schools and innovative ways to introduce art, music, theater and other art forms to students.

Implicit bias has been in the news a lot lately. It can be defined as attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner. We'll learn how implicit bias manifests itself, and what we can do to better understand our own beliefs.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap explains how ranked-choice voting will work in the upcoming elections and also discusses election integrity.

In advance of the June 7 public hearing regarding whether the public will be allowed access to electronic court records, we will look at overall transparency in Maine state government, from access to information through FOIA requests to financial disclosure measures, accountability laws and ethics agencies. A 2015 report by the Center for Public Integrity ranked Maine near the bottom: at 43rd.

Summer Reads 2018: Book Recommendations for the Season

Jun 1, 2018

One of our most popular programs — what to read this summer! Our all-star cast will share the books they’ve read recently and are looking forward to reading. This summer also sees PBS' "Great American Read," an eight-part series that explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels, as chosen in a national survey.

Month in Review: Maine's News Headlines in May

May 31, 2018

Which stories mattered most to Mainers in May? Topics up for discussion include the Republican lawsuit over ranked choice voting, the death of Robert Indiana and the questions about whether he was exploited in the final years of his life, Maine’s unemployment rate hitting a record low, and the Republican and Democratic state conventions.

We’ll hear from experts and entrepreneurs about ways to bring high-speed internet to all of Maine. This is in advance of the statewide 2018 Maine Broadband Coalition Conference, in which Maine communities and national experts will share lessons learned to date, look at new ways for solving shared challenges, and identify what’s next for broadband funding and policy in Maine.

Travis Mills: Assisting Wounded and Injured Veterans

May 29, 2018
Elise Amendola / Associated Press

The Travis Mills Foundation and Retreat is a nonprofit organization, formed to benefit and assist wounded and injured veterans and their families. We’ll speak with Mills and program director Kelly McGaughey about the work the foundation and retreat does to inspire wounded servicemen, women and their families. They’ll discuss how they help wounded veterans realize they can overcome their physical obstacles and emotional challenges and find purpose by staying the course through their recovery and beyond. We’ll also get an update on the 6th annual Miles for Mills 5K on Memorial Day.

Vegan & Plant-Based Living

May 25, 2018

More people are turning to vegan diets for their health and for philosophical reasons. By the same token, others are embracing more plant-based eating, which may not qualify as vegan or vegetarian but might minimize meat as part of each meal. We'll learn how to be vegan or to shift to plant-based living.

Narcissism: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder

May 24, 2018

Narcissism is usually characterized as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (or NPD); this is when someone has an overblown perception of their own worth—their intelligence, their attractiveness, their abilities and their achievements—that defies reality and can often cause them to behave in ways inconsistent with normal social function. We'll hear from experts on how to deal with the narcissist in your life—and learn whether narcissists can change.