Amanda Rector

Economic Outlook for 2018

Jan 3, 2018

Our panel discusses the economic forecast for Maine in the year ahead.

Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Yellow Light Breen, Maine Development Foundation President and CEO

Economic Preview

Jan 4, 2017

Leading Maine economists join us to share their thoughts on the economic outlook for Maine in 2017


Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Charlie Colgan, professor emeritus of economics at University of Southern Maine

Yellow Light Breen, President & CEO of the Maine Development Foundation

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's state economist told the Legislature's Appropriations Committee today that  Maine can expect slow economic growth in the year ahead, the result of relatively low inflation and low interest rates.

Amanda Rector said a recent meeting of the state's Consensus Economic Forecasting Commission concluded that future economic gains are likely to be influenced by the state's increasingly older worker profile and declining population.