deer hunt

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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's annual deer permit lottery is ready to begin, and there are thousands more permits available this year than in years previous.

AUGUSTA, Maine  — Maine hunters are taking to the woods to participate in the state's expanded deer hunt.

Resident Deer Day Saturday

Oct 31, 2015

 PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The busiest part of Maine's annual fall deer hunt is getting underway with ``resident only'' day.

 PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Maine's residents-only day for deer and moose hunting is underway.

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BAR HARBOR, Maine - On Nov. 4, residents of Bar Harbor will go to the polls to decide whether to overturn an 80-year-old ban on deer hunting. A task force put together to address a recent rise in complaints over nuisance deer is recommending a pair of firearms seasons, followed by a regular bow hunting season.  But the issue is proving to be a controversial one.  And in this community known for its well-heeled folks "from away," people on both sides of the issue say a persistent rural-urban divide may be adding a layer of complexity.