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Maine’s State Board of Education approved a new kind of regional high school this week that would merge three existing schools and also bring in vocational programs, business training and higher education into one facility in northern Aroostook County.

KNOX, Maine - Authorities say a man was killed and at least one other person was hurt when a barn collapsed in a small town in Maine.

Service Animals: What They Do To Help People

Sep 13, 2018

Service animals don't just help those who are disabled, and they're not just dogs. We learn about different categories and species of service animals, as well as what regulations exist to stem the trend toward over-using the term 'therapy' animal.

PALMYRA, Maine - The monument to a Maine state trooper who was killed while involved in a car chase in 1980 has been restored and relocated to a more prominent position.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine is seeking a marijuana consultant to advise officials on how to set up regulations for the state's recreational and medical pot markets.

What is the role of school counselors in Maine? With societal pressure on children growing, is there a growing demand for counselors at all grade levels?

The past is the consequence of what we have done. The present and the future will be the result of what we are doing in the now; all choices lead us to the future.

My family and I, we made a choice, and that choice brought us here. My name is Jemima, and I am from Angola, a beautiful country, located on the South Atlantic coast of West Africa, between Namibia and Congo, a country that is wonderfully warm, with happy people who love to dance, with beaches and forests, a country where summer is longer than winter.

PORTLAND, Maine - A cruise ship originally bound for Bermuda has docked in Maine to avoid the oncoming Hurricane Florence due to make landfall this week.

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine - Residents in a Maine town are in a heated debate over a court settlement allowing the town to give up rights to an undeveloped section of waterfront land.

Michael Dwyer / Associated Press/file

PORTLAND, Maine - The National Marine Fisheries Service is sending more than $6 million to nearly 30 marine conservation projects as part of its Species Recovery Grant Program.

Constitutional Law

Sep 11, 2018

Our panel discusses the latest news regarding Supreme Court cases and decisions as well as issues raised during the Senate hearings regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

AUGUSTA, Maine - An annual charitable motorcycle ride in Maine has gone off without a hitch a year after a tragic crash that killed two riders.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

In the wake of the fatal school shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year, schools across Maine are taking steps to respond and increasing security measures.

PORTLAND, Maine - A federal judge has scrapped a plea agreement calling for a cargo ship operator to pay $3.2 million for illegal discharges because nothing was provided for the whistle-blower.

Outlawing Conversion Therapy Takes Education, Awareness

Sep 10, 2018

What is conversion therapy? The Human Rights Campaign defines it as “a range of dangerous claims and discredited practices that falsely claim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.” 

Conversion therapy is practiced through several different means, such as prayer, psychotherapy, and aversion therapy. Due to the harm it causes, it has been denounced by every major American medical organization. Conversion therapy has been scientifically proven to cause anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidality. The practice is so dangerous that fourteen different states have outlawed it. So, why isn't Maine one of these states?