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A police union in Maine's capital city says the number of police dispatchers in the state's public safety center is low enough that it could compromise public safety.

State employee union leaders said Monday that the dispatch center in Augusta, which also handles emergency calls for the southern portion of the state, is down to only 12 dispatchers out of 35 total positions. The Kennebec Journal reports the union says the Department of Public Safety has determined 15 should be the minimum number.

Why is it so difficult to admit when we are wrong? Our panel offers insights into why owning up to a mistake is so very hard for most people to do, and how this relates to conflict and divisiveness in today’s society.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Maine drivers will see lower fines on their speeding tickets starting Monday.

WLBZ-TV reports fines for lower end speeding violations have decreased by about 15 percent.

Drivers pulled over going 1 to 9 mph over the speed limit will see their ticket go from $134 to $114. Those who are pulled over going 15 to 19 mph above the speed limit will see their fines decrease by $30.

Fines will stay the same for drivers who are caught going 20 to 29 mph above the speed limit.

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There are currently about 2,500 people in Maine’s prison system, and the majority of those who are incarcerated will eventually be released. Each individual is then tasked with looking for a job, finding a place to live and finding health care, all on a truncated timeline. Several factors—like the case worker assigned to an ex-prisoner, family and resources on the outside—impact whether or not someone may be successful.

You’ve probably had one of those moments, driving down some packed city street or a rural backroad relying on a directions app, when you’ve exclaimed, “What did we do before phones?” Ask a member of Generation Z, and they may not be able to tell you. 

Some may bemoan map reading as a lost art, still others may say good riddance to a difficult and outdated system. No matter where you stand on the particular issue of digital directions, it is hard to argue that the cell phone hasn’t enhanced society. 

From easier communication to near-universal access to the world-wide web, from personal cameras to portable music players, the cell phone has completely changed human life, and in many ways for the better. But what happens to a vulnerable part of the population—teenagers — who hardly remember a time when cell phones weren’t a universal part of life? Perhaps the most important question to ask is if these ubiquitous tools are more sinister, affecting the health of teenagers when phones enter schools and classrooms.

Grief has much deeper impacts and broader meaning than simply feeling sad when someone is gone. What are the different kinds of grief, and how do they affect people, whether young or old? What are some ways to address grief, and where can you turn for help?

AUGUSTA, Maine - Farms are opening their doors to visitors eager to pet alpacas, check out solar-powered goat pastures and taste lavender cookies.

All Shell, No Shock: Lobster Prices Strong

Jul 22, 2018

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ New England's lobster industry faces big new challenges in selling the seafood to Europe and China, but the trouble hasn't caused prices to budge much for American consumers.

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MOUNT DESERT, Maine -- The vessel Sunbeam V, after more than two decades of constant, year-round service needs some major repairs if it's to continue its mission to serve Maine's remote island communities, says Maine Seacoast Mission, which oversees the Sunbeam's operations. 

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Swimming lessons are in full swing around lakes, ponds and pools this summer. But even in a state like Maine, with so many bodies of water, getting access to lessons can be challenging.

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Four months ago, hundreds of students across Maine walked out of their schools, joining others across the country in memorializing the victims of the fatal school shooting in Parkland, Fla. and to advocate for gun control.

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Students in Maine will no longer be required to graduate under new, "proficiency-based" diplomas.

Gov. Paul LePage Friday signed a bill into law repealing the state's diploma mandate, which originally went into effect six years ago.

Under the old law, Maine students, beginning in the class of 2021, would have been required to reach "proficiency" in up to eight subject areas in order to graduate. However, teachers and parents criticized the policy, saying it was too demanding for educators and wouldn't allow some students to graduate.

Maine Duck Tours is reassuring customers that its operation is different from the Missouri duck tours company linked to 17 confirmed deaths after one of its boats capsized in a storm in Branson.

An official with the Maine company says several factors distinguish its service from the one in Missouri. Kris McClure of Maine Duck Tours says boat styles vary greatly.

The Maine operation, which is not affiliated with the Missouri company, is also inspected by the Coast Guard for stability and safety measures, including life preserver access and fire extinguishers. 

Education often continues outside of the school environment, and students can take the initiative to continue their learning in something they enjoy. 

In a previous piece I had contributed to Raise Your Voice!, I talked about students being required to take part in community service for high school credit. I wrote about how someone interested in working with animals might volunteer at a local animal shelter, someone interested in the medical field could volunteer in a hospital setting, and someone interested in helping the overall community could help organize community events or volunteer in soup kitchens. In this piece I’d like to talk a little bit more about being a junior firefighter at North Lakes Fire & Rescue.

Island Life in Maine

Jul 20, 2018

Life on a Maine island presents challenges, like transportation and services, as well as the benefits of a tight community and rich culture. We’ll learn about what sets island living apart, and hear about a new play that portrays a Maine island community.