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Nearly one in five American adults—43.8 million people—experienced some type of diagnosable mental illness in 2013. State and national news stories quite regularly feature people who are surprised by the acts of others they thought they knew. Sadly, there is a stigma that prevents many from getting the help they need. We’ll discuss attempts to overcome this stigma and the role of community mental health services.

Tom Porter / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - "Cabin Fever" is an art show with a difference: It has been described as a testament to the healing power of art. The traveling exhibit showcases the work of about 40 different artists, who have all been diagnosed with some form of mental illness.

Nora Flaherty / MPBN

PORTLAND, Maine - Advocates for Maine's poor and homeless say changes to MaineCare are leaving many clients without reliable transportation, and that the results can be catastrophic for some.

Until a few months ago, Maine Care provided clients with regular appointments with unlimited monthly bus passes; but now, the state contracts transportation to several companies statewide, and clients who don't have a regular daily appointment - like methadone treatment - only receive bus passes to medical appointments.