Special Education

AUGUSTA, Maine - A Maine task force is studying ways to tackle the rising cost of special education.
The task force is set to meet Tuesday in Augusta to work on its report. Its members include lawmakers, advocates, school principals, administrators, a parent and a teacher.
School enrollment is declining in nearly all of Maine's school districts, and many communities are contending with costs such as sending special education students out-of-district.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

School enrollment is declining in nearly all of Maine’s school districts. But in one city — Lewiston — more students keep pouring in each year.

WASHINGTON - Maine Sen. Susan Collins says the Senate budget for education programs passed earlier this summer has a small increase in funding for special education programs. 

Maine currently gets about $59 million a year and that would likely go up slightly under the proposal. Collins welcomes the increase, but says it falls short of the federal funding goal.

"If there is one thing we could do that would help every school district in this state and in this country it would be for the federal government to meet its obligation."