Voter Fraud Commission


Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says his review of documents released from the now-disbanded Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity show the Republican-dominated panel was determined to endorse claims of widespread voter fraud without any supporting evidence.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is suing the Trump administration for documents compiled from the president's now defunct voter fraud commission.

The Department of Justice is attempting to block Dunlap's receipt of working papers from the voter fraud commission, of which Dunlap was a member.

A federal judge already said Dunlap is entitled to the documents, but the Justice Department says that because the commission is dissolved - and Dunlap is no longer a member - the documents should remained sealed.

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The Department of Justice is refusing to release documents compiled during President Donald Trump’s now-dissolved voter fraud commission to Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

President Donald Trump’s decision to dissolve his controversial voter fraud commission has made Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap something of a hero among progressives and voting rights advocates.

It was Dunlap who successfully sued the commission, forcing it to turnover its working papers — one of several lawsuits the administration says influenced its decision to disband the fraud commission.

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap speaks during a voter registration meeting at the National Association of Secretaries of State conference Saturday, July 8, 2017, in Indianapolis.
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President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he’s dissolving a special commission on voter fraud.

His decision follows a recent ruling by a federal judge in favor of Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, who sued the commission and asserted it wasn’t providing him documents about its work.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Dunlap said the president’s decision to disband the commission came without warning, but “wasn’t entirely a surprise.”

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A federal judge has ruled that President Donald Trump’s election fraud commission must share correspondence and other documents with one of its Democratic members, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

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Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has filed a lawsuit against the Republican-led presidential voter fraud commission, claiming that he and other members of the panel are being shut out of the process. Dunlap, who is a Democrat, says GOP leaders on the commission are excluding him from discussions aimed at shaping the group’s agenda.

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A newly released report from the New Hampshire Secretary of State and Department of Safety says a majority of people who used out-of-state IDs to register in last November’s elections haven’t registered vehicles in New Hampshire or gotten in-state drivers licenses in the months since. While this data alone doesn’t provide proof of voter fraud,