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A Third Of Maine Student Loan Borrowers Could Have Their Debt Eliminated Under Plan Floated By Biden

A significant number of Mainers with outstanding student loans could see some major relief under a proposal that newly inaugurated President Joe Biden will reportedly make to cancel thousands in federal student loan debt for each person, among other efforts.

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Maine Public Deep Dive

Join Maine Public as we continue Deep Dive: Coronavirus, conversations with our news team that trace the outbreak in our state from its source through the present and ahead to the future.

President Joe Biden is sending Congress an immigration reform bill on Wednesday in an attempt to end years of immigration policy fashioned by executive order and court rulings.

When Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old poet from Los Angeles, took to the stage on Wednesday, it was immediately clear why the new president had chosen her as his inaugural poet.

Gorman echoed, in dynamic and propulsive verse, the same themes that Biden has returned to again and again and that he wove throughout his inaugural address: unity, healing, grief and hope, the painful history of American experience and the redemptive power of American ideals.

Within hours of opening up appointments for people 70 and older to get the COVID-19 vaccine, officials at Northern Light Health say all 2,000 available slots were booked.

Former Portland developer Michael Liberty is among more than 140 people pardoned by former President Donald Trump.

Updated at 10:10 a.m. ET

Unwilling to admit defeat but with his time in office at its end, President Trump left the White House early Wednesday, skipping the Inauguration Day ceremony that generations of outgoing presidents have attended — a symbolic peaceful transfer of power that had been made all but impossible by his actions after losing the election to Joe Biden.

AUGUSTA, Maine — More than 70 Democratic lawmakers are calling on Capitol Police Chief Russell Gauvin to be placed on administrative leave while his social media posts are investigated.

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Eleven more people have died from COVID-19. That brings the pandemic death toll in the state to 530.

Campobello Whale Rescue

Federal regulators last night detailed proposed new rules for Maine lobstermen and other commercial fishermen whose gear and trap rope poses a risk to endangered North Atlantic right whales.

After fleeing civil war in Syria, Haitham Dalati and his wife made it to the United States in early 2017 during a brief window when the first version of President Trump's travel ban had been put on hold by the courts.

They hoped their daughter and her family would soon follow. Instead, the rest of the family got caught up in Trump's immigration crackdown and ended up stuck in Lebanon for more than three years.

The Morning Edition Song Project, where we ask musicians to write an original song about the COVID era, continues today with Lila Downs. The artist grew up splitting her time between Minnesota and Oaxaca, Mexico, and says that she always felt pulled between three different cultures — Indigenous Mixtec, Mexican national and American. So when she agreed to contribute to the series, her tricultural identity played a role.



A New Administration

Thursday—How will President Biden approach the start of his administration in the face of national strife and global crises?

Vaccine Comes To Maine

What You Need To Know As Mainers Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Maine is now trying to ramp up its vaccinations of residents against the coronavirus, amid high hopes and plenty of uncertainty.

Coronavirus In Maine

What Mainers Need To Know About The Coronavirus

Maine Public is committed to keeping you informed with reliable news, resources and guidance around the new coronavirus. Please continue to monitor for the latest information.