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Mainers Are Working To Give Historical Sea Chanteys New Life

The sea chantey, once the soundtrack of the Golden Age of Sail, has gone the way of other traditional work songs — relegated to folk festivals, history museums and a few tourist schooners. But in Midcoast Maine, chanteys that have sat in the archives for nearly one hundred years are getting a new life and being put back to work on Penobscot Bay.

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Marine Mammals of Maine

As harbor seal pupping season picks up along the Maine coast, researchers continue to keep an eye out for signs of an ongoing outbreak of phocine distemper virus that has been killing seals.

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The city of Portland is launching a new initiative to better inform people of flood hazards. Officials are placing "High Water Signs" around the city as part of a federal, state and local collaboration aimed at bringing attention to the need for flood resiliency in at-risk areas.

Police agencies are opposing a Maine bill to ban racial or religious profiling.

A couple of federal agencies you probably haven't heard of keep track of what farmers grow, what Americans eat and how the country's entire food system operates. And the Trump administration wants them out of Washington, D.C.

Last summer, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) would relocate somewhere that's closer to farmers and public universities doing agricultural research. But critics, including many scientists, balked, saying the agencies won't be as effective.

Hepatitis A has been confirmed in a food service worker in Caribou.

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Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins voted with Democrats Thursday to oppose confirmation of a federal judge who has been criticized for her views on abortion. Wendy Vitter has also come under fire for appearing to back discredited claims that link abortion and birth control pills to increased risk of cancer and violent relationships.

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he wants to unite Americans, restore the middle class and “restore the soul of this country.”

Mills Signs Bill To Make Maine The First State To Ban Native American School Mascots

May 17, 2019
Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

Gov. Janet Mills on Thursday signed into law a controversial bill banning the use of Native American mascots in all state public schools. When the bill takes effect later this year, Maine will become the first U.S. state with such a ban.

Democratic Gov. Janet Mills told state lawmakers Friday that her proposal to create a 27-member climate change council will help the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions while transitioning the state to what she describes as a "low-carbon" economy.

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The Trump administration has reached a deal to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico, in a move that could put the three nations a step closer to ratifying the USMCA trade deal that would replace NAFTA.

The tariffs will be lifted within two days, according to a joint U.S.-Canada statement posted by Canada's foreign ministry.


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