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As Maine Schools Plan To Reopen, Some Are Thinking Outside The Box — And Outside In General

As schools in Maine make plans for how to safely return students to the classroom amid the coronavirus pandemic, some are thinking outside the box — literally.

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Two major college conferences — the Big Ten and Pac-12 — each announced Tuesday they were sidelining college football and other fall sports because of the coronavirus, just weeks before schools were scheduled to play their first games.

The Big Ten, which includes universities with powerhouse sports programs, such as Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State, said it will look at holding some competitions in the spring.

A federal lawsuit filed by ACLU affiliates in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont challenges the use of checkpoints by the U.S. Border Patrol nearly 100 miles from the Canadian border, saying they are beyond the patrol’s authority.

It's a familiar moment. The kids want their cereal and the coffee's brewing, but you're out of milk. No problem, you think — the corner store is just a couple of minutes away. But if you have COVID-19 or have been exposed to the coronavirus, you're supposed to stay put. Even that quick errand could make you the reason someone else gets infected.

President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia has become the first country to approve a vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection, saying one of his daughters has already received a dose of the new prophylaxis even though that it is still under development.

The announcement of the new vaccine, dubbed Sputnik-V, has been met with initial skepticism, as it has yet to complete Phase III trials in which large numbers of people are given doses to determine whether it is safe and effective in a general population.

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A shooting outside the White House on Monday briefly overtook President Trump's daily news conference, leading Secret Service to call the president away from the briefing room lectern.

Later the Secret Service said a uniformed Secret Service officer had shot a 51-year-old man who said he had a gun and pointed an object at the officer, crouching in "a shooter's stance." The officer fired his weapon, striking the man in the torso.

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One additional case of COVID-19 and an additional death is being reported by the Maine Center for Disease Control Tuesday.

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Maine Gov. Janet Mills says the memorandums and executive orders issued by President Donald Trump this past weekend are woefully inadequate, and some unworkable. Mills and governors of both parties made that clear to Vice President Mike Pence during a conference call Monday.

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Maine’s two U.S. senators say President Donald Trump’s weekend executive orders and memoranda will not help mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic.

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U.S. independent Sen. Angus King is among two dozen Senators urging the Trump Administration to reverse the decision to end Census data collection one month early. In a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the Senators write that cutting the count short by a month will be devastating to census accuracy and will disproportionately impact hard-to-count communities.

A pair of foxes have attacked a man in a community that neighbors a city where more than a dozen residents and pets were attacked by rabid foxes last year.


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