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A Look At The Behind-The-Scenes Campaign To Replace Secretary Of State Matt Dunlap

There are no TV or radio ads, or any of the other traditional trappings of a campaign for a statewide office. But behind the scenes, several candidates are seeking to replace Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, who is termed out.

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Back in July, two cybersecurity firms sent the Department of Homeland Security a troubling report that described a possible vulnerability in the online voter registration systems in dozens of counties in California and Florida.

The report, obtained by NPR, warned that flaws that might have allowed hackers to change a handful of voter registration files four years ago are still likely to exist in some places, and could be used again.

It's the last debate of the 2020 election.

Many might be saying, "Thank goodness," given what a mess that first debate turned into.

After that debate — and the way President Trump in particular conducted himself — Trump took a hit in the polls. This final debate represents the last, best chance for the president, who has been consistently behind in this race, to gain some momentum.

The Boston Federal Reserve Bank and the state on Wednesday announced an initiative to help several Maine communities create long-term strategies to boost their economies.

Drug deaths continue to increase in Maine, according to the latest report from the state attorney general’s office.


York astronaut Chris Cassidy will return to Earth Wednesday night, our time, after spending more than half a year aboard the International Space Station.

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The Green Party candidate for president of the United States is in Maine on Wednesday to highlight a platform centered around a Green New Deal, economic equality, universal health care and a halt to nuclear arms.

A proposal for a 40-bed emergency homeless shelter in Portland brought out fierce debate at a city planning meeting Tuesday night.

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The number of cases associated with a COVID-19 outbreak in Waldo County has grown to 46.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine voters have set a state record for use of absentee ballots with two weeks still to go before Election Day.

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The lobster industry just north of Maine has been rocked in recent weeks by a dispute between indigenous fishermen and other lobstermen. This past week saw an escalation in that conflict and greater attention from political leaders.


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Matthew Dunlap

Thursday—Maine's Secretary of State answers questions about voting and more in the lead-up to Election Day.