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Two judo players wearing white uniforms grapple on a mat.
Ari Snider
When some Congolese, Angolan and other African immigrants arrive in Maine, they bring with them a passion for judo. Now, dozens of African judo students of all experience levels have found a place to pursue that passion at a Congolese-run martial arts program.
There are currently only about 6,000, a 90% increase from just a couple years ago but still a drop in the bucket compared to what the state wants to see by the end of the decade.
The ambitious 30 x 30 goal is part of President Biden's climate agenda. It's also a target in Maine, the most heavily forested state in the country. And there's cautious optimism the target can be met.
The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy is trying to get ahead of climate change by working on the issues of transportation, renewable energy, shelter and food.
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