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A Fortnight in Ghana

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Thur., September 15 at 9:00 pm
A Fortnight in Ghana titlecard

The long-running annual Cross-Cultural Health Immersion program at the University of New England sends health professions students to spend two weeks providing basic clinical care to economically disadvantaged Ghanaians in the city of Sekondi-Takoriadi and the surrounding countryside.

Students live with host Reverend Andoh and his congregation in Sekondi and work alongside medical professionals from the Ghanaian national health service and the local Cape Coast University. For many students, the trip is their first time out of the country, or even outside of Maine, and the experience can provide a jarring- often life-changing- readjustment of perspective.

Filmmaker Daniel Lambert was invited to join the 2018 immersion group as a videographer, and gives viewers a close-up view of the daily clinics that form the heart of the program, both in Sekondi and in excursions to more rural areas, as well as visits to historical sites and cultural performances. Students and viewers alike are guided across cultural and language barriers, building relationships, gaining new perspectives on medical care and material wealth, and learning many practical lessons on living with limited resources.

A Fortnight in Ghana is produced by Daniel Lambert.