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Acadian Traditions

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Sun., August 1 at 4:00 pm

This film explores how Acadian heritage has been preserved and has evolved in the St. John Valley to the present day.

Descendants of the Acadians, who once had a thriving community in what is now Nova Scotia, are found in many parts of the world today. While most Acadians were deported by the British from Acadia in 1755, others fled to the woods and made their way to Northern Maine. Some settled in the St. John Valley in 1785. Their distinct culture, founded on food, family, French, and faith, has been their bedrock wherever they landed. Their sense of community, a sense that helped them survive decades of struggle, is still strong today. In northern Maine, the Native Americans, and the Quebecois — French Canadians who intermarried with the Acadians, also have influenced Acadian culture here. This has resulted in a rich variety of traditions — some old and some new. These customs come in many forms — food, music, language, arts, crafts and community ventures.

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Produced by Brenda Nasberg Jepsen of Crown of Maine Productions.