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Poliquin Pushes for Effort to Strip Deed Restrictions from Old Town Airport Land

BANGOR, Maine - New business could be touching down soon at Old Town Municipal Airport. But to make that happen, community leaders are asking Republican 2nd District Rep. Bruce Poliquin to strip off some deed restrictions from 15 acres of former federal property that was acquired by the facility 30 years ago. 

Poliquin says he plans on submitting legislation immediately to assist the airport.

"There is restriction on the deed that's held by the United States Forest Service that prevents this land from being used for anything but an airport, so we got involved very aggressively," Poliquin said. "Government's job is to help our families live better lives and more jobs and more opportunity and more freedom - not get in the way, but to help."

Ron Harriman, Old Town's economic development officer, says developers have already signaled an interest in airport property.

City officials say they have tenants who are interested in locating to the Old Town airport if the deed restriction issue can be resolved. Poliquin said a final congressional resolution could be six months away.

"We're working with them as we speak and they have the possibility of creating significant new jobs for our community," Harriman said. "Any business that's looking to expand or to build new, they want all the pieces in place right then or yesterday. Often times they're not willing to wait six months so that's why it's so important that we get this done and out of the way, so that we're shovel-ready - as they say."

Poliquin said a final congressional resolution could be six months away.