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Portland To Begin 4 Daily Flights To Boston in September

Starting in September, the Portland Jetport will offer four daily flights to Boston.

Jetport Assistant Director Zach Sundquist says while the flight isn’t that much quicker than driving the two hours to Boston, it can be much more convenient for people connecting to other flights at Logan Airport.

“Just like we have a lot of passengers who will fly to New York to connect to San Francisco or Philadelphia to Phoenix, you’ll be able to do the same thing with Cape Air flying into Boston, and then flying into many of the nonstop destinations out of Boston with a very fluid single-ticket itinerary,” he says.

Sundquist says he has also heard from a few people who might use the new service to do business in Boston.

The fare is expected to be about $150 round trip for a 40-minute flight on a nine-seat plane.

“You certainly cannot Uber back and forth to Boston for that price, and by the time you drive and deal with parking and all that, if you’re headed down to a business meeting, it would certainly be an option,” Sundquist says.

He says if the Boston route works out, he’s hoping Cape Air will offer flights to more destinations.

“They’re all over the cape so Provincetown, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, but we’re also talking to them about intrastate so the Rockland, Bangor, Presque Isle-type destinations,” Sundquist says.