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Baby Elvers Rocket Back Up In Value In Maine

Baby Eel Fishing
Robert F. Bukaty
AP file
In this May 25, 2017, file photo, baby eels, also known as elvers, are held by a fisherman in Brewer, Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine — Tiny baby eels are worth big bucks again in Maine.

The state is home to the only significant fishery for the baby eels, which are called elvers, and it's taking place right now. Prices tanked last year due to disruption to the worldwide economy caused by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

The elvers are worth so much because of the crucial role they play in Asian aquaculture.

They've been worth between $1,300 and $2,400 per pound every year since 2015, except last year, when they were worth $525. So far this season they're worth more than $1,600 per pound.