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  A look ahead to the economic challenges and opportunities for Maine in 2012. Host Keith Shortall was joined by a panel of experts who discussed the state of the Maine economy and its fiscal future.

  Car Talk, MPBN-style. Host Jonathan Smith and Automotive Editor for US News & World Report Jamie Page Deaton discuss the latest news from the world of automobiles and answer listener questions about which car to buy and how to get the best deal.

This call-in program was hosted by Jonathan Smith, who, along with the listening public, directed questions to Ms. Deaton about the automotive industry.

  Bates College hosted a Civic Forum Series with four of the nation’s leading social entrepreneurs, Peter Murray of Progressive Leadership; Bethany Robertson of the I Do Foundation; and Elizabeth Stefanski of Business Innovation Factory. The discussion centered around innovative solutions to society's most pressing social and environmental problems.

More on the social entrepreneurs on the panel:

  Chiefs from three of the four federally recognized Native American peoples in Maine participated in a roundtable discussion focused on economic conditions among Native American communities. The discussion was moderated by MPBN's Jennifer Rooks. The panel included: Clayton Cleaves of the Passamaquoddy Tribe; Kirk Francis of the Penobscot Indian Nation; Rick Getchell of the Aroostook Band of Micmacs; and Joseph Sockabasin of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

  "Is There Anything New About Innovation? A Cherished Philanthropic Buzzword" is the subject of the talk delivered by Gara LaMarche, President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies. LaMarche delivered this address at the 2011 Maine Philanthropy Center's Annual Meeting.

  Brendan Walsh is economics professor emeritus at University College Dublin. He spoke about Ireland's economic crash, reviewing the country's varied economic fortunes over the period 1990-2011.

The strengths and weaknesses of this performance are discussed and the increasing vulnerability of the economy highlighted.

  Jason Oxman, Sr. VP of industry affairs for the Consumer Electronics Association, discusses his role among the 2,200 member businesses whose products can be found in practically every room in every American home, as well as our cars, trucks, buses, planes and trains.

  World renowned economist Stewart Wallis of the New Economics Foundation spoke in Portland about retooling local and global economies that produce good jobs for everyone, improves human wellbeing, and decreases social inequality - all within our planetary limits.

  Author and globalization expert Ted Fishman is also visiting faculty at Dartmouth College, a contributor to both the New York Times and NPR. His latest book is Shock of Gray: The Aging of the World's Population and How it Pits Young Against Old, Child Against Parent, Worker Against Boss, Company Against Rival, and Nation Against Nation.

The audio for this talk is not available due to copyright restrictions

  Dr. James Marks, Senior Vice President and Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Health Care Group spoke before Maine Development Foundation’s Policy Leaders Academy. His talk looks at how preserving and improving health requires much more than health insurance reform.

This talk was recorded February 4, 2011 at the Augusta Civic Center.

  USM Muskie School of Public Service Professor of Public Policy & Management Charles Colgan will give his economic forecast for 2011. Colgan’s economic predictions are based on his analysis of employment trends, income, retail sales, and a range of other indicators.

Access the slides referenced in Dr. Colgan's Talk

  Speaking in Maine features a special "Your Vote 2010" gubernatorial candidate forum on Education. This forum is sponsored by the 5th Maine Symposium on Higher Education with a focus on “dramatically increasing the education and skill level of Maine's current and future workers.”

The candidates for Maine Governor respond to the question “What Would You Do, as Governor, To Increase Education Attainment?” They also present their plans to achieve the goal of 40,000 more degree-holders by 2020. The moderator is MPBN’s Jennifer Rooks.

  Speaking in Maine featured Suzanne McCormick, President & CEO of the United Way of Greater Portland. She discussed "the Economics of Compassion in Maine," the real and tangible benefits realized by the community as a result of making investments in the lives of others.

  Speaking in Maine offers a presentation delivered at the University of Maine's summit to assess Maine’s future workforce needs to help create a public agenda for higher education. The speaker is John Dorrer, Director of the Maine Dept. of Labor’s Center for Workforce Research and Information.

John Dorrer's presentation is titled: Workforce Demographics and the Demand for High Skill Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for Maine Higher Education.

  Speaking in Maine welcomes Doris Buffett, her younger brother Warren is one of wealthiest investors in America. Doris has used her fortune to dole out $100 million in grants aimed at increasing opportunities for the working poor and families in crisis.