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Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

An encampment of homeless people that has occupied Portland's City Hall Plaza for more than two weeks could disperse soon.

A Cruise Line Rejected By Bar Harbor Wants To Make Stops In Bucksport

Aug 6, 2020
Mike Ormsby / BDN

Having been turned away from making stops in Bar Harbor this year, American Cruise Lines has approached the town of Bucksport to seek the town’s blessing in making three stops in the riverside town this fall.

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

Maine's Democratic governor has directed most state department heads to come up with 10% spending cuts to address revenue lost because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

PORTLAND, Maine - A Dublin-based solar-electric development company has partnered with a Maine firm to develop large-scale projects in eight communities.

BATH, Maine - A shipyard workers' union in Maine says talks with a Navy shipbuilder appear to be "breaking down" amid a strike that has gone on for more than a month.

Maine Public File

Much of Maine's lobster fishery is losing, at least temporarily, an internationally-recognized rating as a "sustainably fished" resource. The suspension comes in the wake of a federal judge's ruling that the risk posed by lobster-trap ropes to endangered North Atlantic right whales violates federal law.

State regulators are fining Central Maine Power a half million dollars for sending out improper disconnection notices last winter.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public File

Unity College announced Monday that it plans to move away from a traditional, in-person learning model to a hybrid one. Officials say the transition is intended to give students more options and reduce tuition costs. As part of the move, the college is also exploring selling any of its assets, including its rural Waldo County campus.

Harness racing will soon return to Bangor's Hollywood Casino Raceway after a pandemic-related hiatus.

Tom Porter / Maine Public

The supermarket chain Hannaford says it's once again allowing customers to bring reusable bags. 


Earlier this week, several environmental organizations said that Hannaford was one of a few holdouts following the state's decision to lift restrictions on the bags back on July 16.


But in a written statement Friday, a Hannaford spokesperson says that reusable bags are permitted, but customers must bag their own groceries unless the bag is new.


Robert F. Bukaty / AP File

The Maine Center for Disease Control is investigating a second outbreak of COVID-19 within Maine's wild blueberry industry.

Scattered through the $2 trillion federal CARES act are dozens of tax changes aimed at softening the economic blow caused by the pandemic. Maine lawmakers now need to decide which of those changes should be incorporated in the state’s tax laws.

Fred Bever / Maine Public

The Portland mayor and a pair of city councilors held a "listening session" Wednesday morning with dozens of the city's homeless population who have established an encampment on the steps of City Hall. The goal was to try to improve communication after a week-long impasse over protesters' demands.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

The State Revenue Forecasting Commission says that the state will lose an estimated $524 million in general revenues by the end of next June as a result of the pandemic. But the group is less certain of the forecast than it has been in past projections.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public File

Several environmental groups are urging Hannaford to allow customers to use reusable bags.