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CONCORD, N.H. - Gas prices continue to rise in northern New England, though they remain lower than the national average.

Central Maine Power has delivered copies of some customer's utility bills to state regulators for review.

Portland’s Minimum-Wage Workers Get An 11-Cent Raise

Jul 12, 2019
Troy R. Bennett / Bangor Daily News

Portland’s full-time minimum-wage workers just received a raise of $220 a year. On July 1, the minimum wage within city limits jumped up to $11.11, an 11-cent increase over the previous level of $11.00 per hour, which has been the statewide minimum wage since Jan. 1.

PORTLAND, Maine - A one-time monastery in Maine's largest city might see a new life as affordable housing. Portland developer Josh Soley wants to convert the West End building into single-occupancy rooms.

Campobello Whale Rescue

A showdown over lobsters and whales appears to be brewing between Maine and the federal government.

Courtesy of Cooke Aquaculture / via Bangor Daily News

The state for the first time has approved using fish raised off the coast of Uruguay as lobster bait to help offset a bait shortage that could increase lobster prices.

Robert F Bukaty / AP File

Maine agriculture officials are asking the federal government to help out wild blueberry growers as they deal with the effects of rising trade disputes with foreign countries.

New England Aquarium

Maine’s Congressional Delegation is appealing directly to President Donald Trump to intervene in a federal rulemaking process that aims to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale, but which could cause large-scale disruption in this state’s lobster industry.

Say NO to NECEC Facebook group

Opponents of Central Maine Power’s proposed 145-mile power line through western Maine say they will start a petition drive to take the question to a statewide vote.

Aroostook Centre Mall Has Big Plans For The Future Under New Leadership

Jul 8, 2019
Nina Mahaleris / Bangor Daily News

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — When Bruce Brigman moved back to The County last year, he didn’t plan on doing much besides working two days a week and fishing the other five.

An economic development organization has settled a $1.5 million debt to the IRS that was an impediment to marketing Millinocket’s former Great Northern Paper Co. mill site to tenants.

The number of cities and towns opting in to legalized marijuana is slowly growing in Maine as the state gets closer to accepting applications for licenses.

Courtesty / via Maine Public/file

An economic development organization in Millinocket says it's settled with the IRS over a $1.5 million tax lien on the former Great Northern Paper Mill site.

Unemployment rates fell during the spring in Maine's three major urban areas. That's according to figures out today from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Courtesy Central Maine Power

The largest union at Bath Iron Works is standing with local steel workers to oppose Central Maine Power's  transmission line project through western Maine.