Some Mainers have begun taking direct control of the political process. They've filed absentee ballots that make their choices in next month's election. Many more will do so on election day, November 2. What do individual voters think? Political ad commentators Sam Surprise and Brenda Garrand and MPBN Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz wanted to find out, so they spent some time recently at Simone's hot dog stand in Lewiston.

  A Speaking in Maine: Your Vote 2010 special program was recorded at Portland's Cumberland Club during its Joshua Chamberlain Lecture Series. A panel of political reporters, a political blogger and one political pollster breakdown the gubernatorial campaigns with less than three weeks to go in the race. MPBN's own A.J. Higgins participated in this lively discussion about the upcoming 2010 election.

The panel was recorded on October 13, 2010 at the Cumberland Club in Portland. The panel comprised the following (in order of introduction):

  Maine gubernatorial candidates Eliot Cutler (I), Paul LePage (R), Libby Mitchell (D), and Shawn Moody (I) debated current energy and environmental policy and business development issues in Maine at Hannaford Hall on the campus of USM in Portland on September 23.

The Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine, or E2Tech, is an organization representing more than 300 companies and non-profit organizations with 4,000 employees in Maine.

  Speaking in Maine visited the Cumberland Club in Portland during its latest Joshua Chamberlain Lecture Series: post primary analysis from a panel of political reporters and one political pollster. MPBN's own A.J. Higgins participated in this lively discussion about the June 8 primary election tells us about what might happen in November.

The panel is as follows (in order of introduction):

  Speaking in Maine gets a jump on the 2012 presidential campaign with CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser. He recently spoke at Colby College in Watervilleabout different scenarios heading into the next race for the White House. 

Paul Steinhauser has been at CNN for 23 years and was instrumental in the creation of the CNN program The Situation Room, and has led CNN to Emmy awards for its news coverage.

  Speaking in Maine welcomes Paul Steiger, editor-in-chief, president and chief executive of ProPublica to the podium. Steiger’s organization is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest.

Paul Steiger is the editor-in-chief, president and chief executive of ProPublica.

  Speaking in Maine features an address given at MPBN’s recent annual founders reception by NPR’s Chief Political Correspondent, Mara Laisson, she gives her inside view about politics, the Obama administration, and the major issues of our day including Health Care Reform and Afghanistan.

  Former Maine Governor Angus King (I) kicks-off the inaugural Joshua Chamberlain Lecture Series by speaking on a wide range of issues. The bulk of this talk, however, dealt with the leadership lessons which can be gleaned from one of Maine’s most well known residents, Civil War hero Joshua Chamberlain.

The Joshua Chamberlain Lecture Series is sponsored by MPBN and hosted by the Cumberland Club in Portland. These regular lectures are designed to inform, inspire and delight.