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Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a Topsham-based conservation organization, is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the completion of a six-year campaign to raise $125-million.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

A messy storm lashed Maine Thursday with heavy rain, snow and gusty winds, knocking out power to homes and businesses, and prompting flood advisories and local school closings. Heavy rain fell along the coast, while up to a foot of snow is expected in the north and mountains.

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Taxpayers in communities all across Maine are having to pay more and more to dispose of product packaging like cardboard boxes, plastic containers and food wrapping. 

Invasive Crazy Worms Are Snaking Their Way Across Maine

Feb 27, 2020
Courtesy University of Wisconsin / via Bangor Daily News

As Maine’s state horticulturist, Gary Fish is no stranger to calls from people reporting observations and asking questions about pests they have found on their property. But a call from a Patten resident last week about Asian crazy worms (Amynthas agrestis) really got his attention.

Nick Ut / AP File

The Maine Public Utilities Commission is creating a half-million dollar pilot program to encourage the buildout of electric vehicle charging stations in Maine. Roughly half the funds will allow the Efficiency Maine Trust to provide rebates of $4,000 for the purchase and installation of 60 publicly accessible charging stations.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine conservation officials are asking residents in the state to take a few steps to cut down the spread of invasive species.

New England Aquarium 2008

New acoustic monitors off Maine's coast have detected the presence of North Atlantic right whales this winter. Scientists are trying to gather new data on the endangered animals' whereabouts.

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Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have announced efforts to bar a class of chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioning that are a growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

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A consortium of Maine businesses, the University of Maine and, possibly, the city of Portland could band together to procure a slug of solar energy that could power as many as 40,000 homes.

Ashley L. Conti / Bangor Daily News

Maine’s climate is not only changing due to global temperatures increasing overall, but the rate at which it is changing is speeding up, according to researchers at the University of Maine.

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Maine's top fisheries regulator is telling his federal counterparts the state's lobster fleet deserves more credit for its efforts to reduce the risk of fishing gear entanglements with the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

Lyme Disease Found In Nearly 40 Percent Of Maine Deer Ticks Tested In 2019

Feb 11, 2020
James Gathany / Associated Press

Nearly 40 percent of Maine deer ticks submitted to the University of Maine Tick Lab in 2019 tested positive for Lyme disease, according to the lab’s first tick surveillance annual report. A smaller percentage tested positive for anaplasma and babesia, two other common tick-borne diseases.

JACKMAN, Maine - Maine is accepting applications for one of its most popular fall hunting traditions, the annual moose hunt.

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In response to multiple attacks by foxes over the past several months, the city of Bath is planning to trap and euthanize wild animals over a 10-day period.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain has moved into northern New England, and more snow is expected Friday that could bring anywhere from just a few inches along the coast to up to 20 inches in parts of northern Vermont.