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Solar Storms

Jan 20, 2014

  Our panel discussed solar flares and geomagnetic storms and how they can - and do - affect life on earth - from the electric grid to satellite operations to aviation routes. And why is Maine legislature considering doing something about it.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Rep. Andrea Boland/D-Sanford 

Tom Popik/Founder, Foundation for Resilient Societies 

Max Riseman/Meteorologist 

Dr. Peter Pry/President of EMPACT America

  With winter here, now's a good time to make sure you're prepared as best you can be for a possible disaster. Representatives from the Red Cross and Maine Emergency Management Agency answered questions and gave advice on how best to prepare in case a disaster strikes.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Lynette Miller, Communications Director,  Maine Emergency Management Agency

and Paul Clark, Red Cross Disaster Readiness team

  The debate over a new national park in Maine - hear the latest on a move to declare up to seventy-five thousand acres of Maine wilderness, wilderness that's home to some of the state's best fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, canoeing and views, part of a national park, and another seventy-five thousand acres a national recreation area.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Lucas St. Clair, president of the board of Elliotsville Plantation Inc.

and Don Kleiner, Executive Director, Maine Professional Guides Association 

  Look! Up in the night sky! It's a meteor, its an asteroid, its a falling satellite!

Host Irwin Gratz was joined by 

Neil F. Comins, Ph.D., Professor, Physics and Astronomy, University of Maine 

Nicole Hastings, Assistant in Instruction, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Bates College

and Jerry LaSala, Professor of Physics and Director of the Southworth Planetarium at USM

  What are the potential effects of climate change on big game and other wildlife. A just released report details the effects of a warming world on big game wildlife.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Dr. Doug Inkley, a certified wildlife biologist with expertise in ecology and wildlife management, and is the National Wildlife Federation's Senior Scientist. 

Eric Orff, Sportsman and New Hampshire Outreach Consultant for National Wildlife Federation, and owner of Conservation Matters since 2007. 

  What's up with the weather? Three long-time weather forecasters will discuss the challenges of predicting what tomorrow's weather will bring.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Max Riseman, freelance meteorologist 

John Jensenius, meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine 

Roger Griswold, meteorologist, Channel 8

  Humankind's obsession with living near the ocean. The good, the bad and the sandy.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

John Gillis: author of "Islands of the Mind"; "A World of Their Own Making: Myth Ritual, and the Quest for Family Values"; and "Commemorations". A professor of history emeritus at Rutgers University, he now divides his time between two coasts: Northern California and Maine.


Aug 21, 2013

  All things blueberries - from their nutritional value to farming them.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Susan Davis MS, RD, Nutrition Advisor, Wild Blueberry Association of North America 

David Bell, Executive Director, Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine 

Greg Bridges, a wild blueberry farmer

  What happens when the suburbs encroach on wildlife? Cars hitting deer and a whole lot more.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Jim Sterba, has been a foreign correspondent, war correspondent and national correspondent for more than four decades, first for The New York Times and then for The Wall Street Journal

Bees and Honey

Jun 11, 2013

  The important role bees play in Maine and the increase in beekeeping in our state.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Dr. Frank Drummond, Univ. of Maine professor of insect ecology 

 and  Peter Cowin, the bee whisperer

Tar Sands Pipeline

May 30, 2013

  The debate over transporting oil from Canada's tar sands through Maine.

Host Susan Sharon was joined by

Larry Wilson, president of the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line Corp.

and Dylan Voorhees, Clean Energy Project Director with the Natural Resources Council of Maine

Recent Portland Press Herald Article

Bicycling in Maine

May 29, 2013

  The best trails and gear as well as buying advice and tips for tuning up your bike for the summer riding season were discussed.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Brian Danz, bike guy

and Nancy Grant; Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine

and Joe Minutolo, co-owner - Bar Harbor Bike Shop

Explore Maine by Bike

Where to Ride 

Ocean Wind Power

May 28, 2013

  The latest on the big project spearheaded by the University of Maine to create a wind farm in the Gulf of Maine.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by

Habib Dagher, Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering at UMO; founding Director of the Advanced Structures and Composites Center

and Peter Vigue, Cianbro Corp. Chairman and CEO

Deep C Wind Consortium

Gardening Tips

May 15, 2013

  Spring is here and so is the planting season. Learn what to plant and how to get it to grow. The Northern New England Home, Garden, Flower Show is May 17 - 19.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

 Paul Parent, host of The Paul Parent Garden Club

Dr. Lois Stack 

The Northern New England Home Garden Flower Show


Apr 17, 2013

  The Elver harvest is in full swing. What is the latest on the Elver fishery in Maine?

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by:

Tim LaRochelle, Elver fisherman from Woolwich

Linda Mercer, Maine Department of Marine Resources, Director, Bureau of Marine and Searun Science

Alan Talbot, the Deputy Chief of the Marine Patrol