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A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that without swift action climate change will drive temperatures to dangerous heat levels across the U.S.and Maine in the coming decades.

Maine Scientist: Climate Change Is Driving Corals To Cooler Waters. Will They Survive?

Jul 11, 2019
Courtesy Nichole Price | Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences / via Bangor Daily News

Climate change is causing a significant shift in coral reef populations as warmer ocean waters drive them away from the equator, a new scientific study has found.

Sturgeon, America's Forgotten Dinosaurs, Slowly Coming Back

Jul 10, 2019

CHARLES CITY, Va. — Sturgeon were America's vanishing dinosaurs, armor-plated beasts that crowded the nation's rivers until mankind's craving for caviar pushed them to the edge of extinction.

Courtesy New England Aquarium

The Canadian government is announcing new protections for endangered North Atlantic right whales following a string of deaths and entanglements involving the marine mammals.

WINTHROP, Maine - Maine environmental regulators are planning to use an herbicide on a portion of a large lake in the central part of the state that is popular with fishermen and boaters.

Officials in Old Orchard Beach say the town has come up with a plan to hold several days of fireworks displays while also protecting several groups of piping plovers nesting on the beach.

There were more signs last year that the future of the lobster fishery lies off Canada. It's based on the latest findings about declining populations of baby lobsters in the Gulf of Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's attorney general is joining a group of his peers in a lawsuit calling for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to better regulate asbestos.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

It took a historic decision by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and an unusual collaboration between environmental groups, the city of Augusta and the state of Maine to remove the Edwards Dam. But 20 years later, the hard-fought effort is being replicated and celebrated around the country as native, sea-run fish, bald eagles and other wildlife continue to return to the Kennebec River.

WESTBROOK, Maine - The power is mostly back on a day after thunderstorms left thousands of Maine homes and businesses in the dark.

Baby Lobster Count Down In New England, Raising Concerns About Population Outlook

Jul 1, 2019
Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press/file

PORTLAND, Maine  — Baby lobsters are continuing to appear in high numbers off some parts of Canada while tailing off in New England, raising questions about what the valuable shellfish's population will look like in several years.

Courtesy New England Aquarium

FREEPORT, Maine - The last of seven meetings between fishery regulators and Maine lobstermen about protecting endangered whales is scheduled to take place along the state's coast.

BETHEL, Maine - A group of conservation organizations is working together to protect nearly 1,000 acres of forest in a small town in western Maine.

Moth Infestation Creates Real-Life 'Horror Film' For Midcoast Mainers

Jun 24, 2019
Abigail Curtis / Bangor Daily News

Behind Dr. Jane Robertson’s home and chiropractic business off Route 3 in Belfast, leafless fruit trees dot the backyard, and the side of her house is splattered with the bodies of caterpillars that she kills with a spray made of vinegar and dish detergent.

PORTLAND, Maine - The federal government says two species of herring are not at risk of going extinct, and will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act.