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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's spring turkey hunt is entering its final few days of the season.

A nearly 36-year-old bald eagle in Maine, the oldest ever documented in the state, has died after suffering a broken leg.

Marine Mammals of Maine

As harbor seal pupping season picks up along the Maine coast, researchers continue to keep an eye out for signs of an ongoing outbreak of phocine distemper virus that has been killing seals.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

The city of Portland is launching a new initiative to better inform people of flood hazards. Officials are placing "High Water Signs" around the city as part of a federal, state and local collaboration aimed at bringing attention to the need for flood resiliency in at-risk areas.

BOSTON - The recreational fishery for a species of fish that has experienced population collapse in recent history could reopen.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The deadline for Maine moose hunters to apply for a permit has arrived, but exactly how many permits will be available is still undecided.

A Maine state agency has been awarded $1 million to help acquire an island in the state's midcoast area for conservation.

College of the Atlantic

A humpback whale known to many along the eastern seaboard will continue educating people, even after her death.

DARTMOUTH, Mass. - The federal government says a program that sells scallops to pay for marine science will include a study of how shellfish harvesting impacts sea turtles in this year's projects.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine wildlife regulators will likely make a decision by the end of the month on a proposal to increase the number of moose hunting permits in the state for the second consecutive year.

SANDWICH, Mass. - Wildlife officials say a humpback whale that has been a regular visitor to the waters of New England for about 35 years has died.

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All that rainy weather in April has a silver lining: fewer wildfires.

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The latest agriculture census released last month found that Maine lost 10 percent of its farmland from 2012-2017 — about 146,000 acres worth. The number of farms also declined by nearly 600.

BANGOR, Maine - U.S. census figures indicate Maine lost 10 percent of farmland and 573 farms in the five years ending in 2017.

UN Report: 1 Million Species Of Plants And Animals Facing Extinction

May 6, 2019
Michael Probst / Associated Press/file

People are putting nature in more trouble now than at any other time in human history, with extinction looming over 1 million species of plants and animals, scientists said Monday.